Hollywood vs. AI: Netflix's Lucrative Job Offers Amid Actor and Writer Strikes

Hollywood's fight against AI continues, and Netflix offers a high-paying AI job ($900,000 annual salary).

The strike by actors and writers demands fair compensation and protections for digital likenesses from AI advances.

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Netflix is looking for a Machine Learning/AI product manager to improve their machine learning platform for content creation.

Image Source: Netflix

Netflix's latest job listing highlights the company's commitment to AI integration, emphasizing generative AI in gaming.

Striking actors rejected a proposal that would have allowed studios to use likenesses of theirs in CGI generated by AI without compensation or consent.

Writers demand better labor protections to stop AI programs like ChatGPT from being credited with screenplay writing.

The striking unions are concerned that AI advances could replace actors with AI-generated characters and threaten writers' jobs.

Netflix's AI job postings highlight the importance of AI to the entertainment industry.

Hollywood must balance the potential of AI with creative rights and compensation.