Apple Removes More than 100 AI Apps From Chinese App Store

Apple has snatched up more than 100 generative artificial Intelligence (AI) applications off the Chinese App Store due to allegations of violations of China’s stringent new rules. The new rules, which come into effect on August 15, will require AI developers to follow “core social values” and restrict content that questions the state’s power. The rescinded apps that relied on OpenAI’s ChatGPT were found to be unlawful in China since they needed the appropriate license or authorisation to operate according to the new rules.

This decision from Apple can be seen as part of a larger initiative of Chinese authorities to control AI technologies. It is believed that the Cyberspace Administration of China recently issued guidelines that require AI designers to submit security audits and register their algorithms with authorities in charge of regulation. The guidelines aim to block the publication of AI models that could undermine state power, threaten national security, or undermine the system of socialist rule. They also demand that AI firms avoid discrimination in their training data and protect intellectual property rights.

The regulations have raised questions with experts, who believe that they could significantly impact the freedom of speech and access to information. The guidelines can be applied by authorities from the Chinese government to control and regulate access to information, similar to what they have previously done with other restrictions on internet access in China. These rules might block articles from foreign countries translated via chatbots and recommendations on getting around internet restrictions with VPNs.

Removing AI applications from the Chinese App Store is crucial in the Chinese government’s attempt to control the AI industry and encourage the creation of domestic AI models. The Chinese government hopes to create its own strictly controlled language models that can compete with global competitors such as OpenAI and Google. Although these regulations could limit access to some AI technologies, they also offer a chance to Chinese developers to compete globally while ensuring control over the content provided to users.

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