9 AI Tools to Help Your Ecommerce Business Grow

Did you know you can use AI tools to assist you in almost every aspect of your e-commerce business?

Indeed, AI is about more than just ChatGPT or its email marketing commands.

There are tools available to assist you:

  • Copywrite
  • Create product images
  • Create ads with creative ideas
  • Conduct deep market research
  • Send personal videos to your viewers

This article will present nine distinct AI tools for eCommerce and discuss how they could assist in growing your business.

How to choose the right AI tools for e-commerce

Before we examine each tool in depth, it is essential to think about these factors to make sure you select the best platform to meet your needs:

  • Price: Is it within your budget? Does it offer an investment that will yield a tangible return?
  • Functionality The tool meets your needs, or do you find any issues that need to work with another platform in addition?
  • Support: If you require assistance with troubleshooting, will someone be available to assist you?
  • LicensesCan you use the results of the AI tools to support your business, or do you have limitations regarding commercial usage?

The most effective AI tools for e-commerce

We’ll look into these AI tools:

  1. Solidgrids–product images
  2. Maverick–personalized videos
  3. Kili–AI Support team
  4. Copysmith–product descriptions
  5. Creative–ad creatives
  6. Patterned–unique product patterns
  7. CopyMonkey–Amazon listings
  8. Shulex Voc–market study
  9. Unbound–all-in-one AI tool


Solidgrids takes away the stress of post-production images, with AI-powered automated technology separating the product from the image and removing the background. The product’s walls, flooring, boxes, and even shadows are all taken away.

It gives you an ideal image for listing products that are the product as you took it against an uncluttered, white background.

Here’s an illustration of how it is done.

On the left is the image’s original display, with the wooden flooring and a few shadows visible. On the other side is the image that has been enhanced, which has the floor and shadows gone.

The final image could be uploaded to a store or inserted into an AI image editor to make new backgrounds.


  • Trial for free: 300 credits
  • Base: $75 per month for 500 images with credits that are not used that roll over up to 1,000 images
  • Business: $200 per month, 2500 images with credits that are not used that roll over up to 4000 images
  • Growing: $400 per month for 5000 images with unused credits rolling over up to 10000 images
  • For you: The number of images you require per month at your preferred price


If you’ve ever thought you could give all your customers videos to thank them for their purchases, Maverick is perfect for you.

Record one video containing the message you want to communicate, and Maverick customizes the message for each recipient. It is also possible to record multiple videos, which can be used at various stages of the customer experience, such as reclaiming abandoned carts.

Record the video, add the script, then allow Maverick to begin to work. It also works with other platforms.


  • Starter: $100 per month, 1,000 monthly video sends, two unique video flows, email delivery, email support, support for standard CRMs (Klaviyo, Hubspot, etc.), branded landing pages, analytics
  • Professional: $Custom Over 1,000 video emails, email, and SMS delivery, email and call support, custom CRM integrations, branded landing pages, analytics, API integration


If you think of the possibility of a tool similar to ChatGPT, however, it’s only for your business. You’ve imagined Kili. Feed the tool your business’s documentation, and it’ll answer questions from your customers and visitors to your site.

Simply upload the data in a CSV text file and even folders, and Kili joins the support group.

It can be used to serve as a personal shopper to customers, provide customer support or answer technical queries, or even assist internal teams in finding the answers they require.


  • Trial: 14-day free trial. No credit card is required.
  • Starter: $25 per month, 100,000 words, 1,000 credits, Unlimited users, Kili branding, 1 assistant
  • Professional: $49 per month, 200,000 words, 3000 credits, Unlimited users, No Kili branding, 3 assistants
  • Team: $99 per month, 500,000 words, 5,000 credits, Unlimited users, No Kili branding,5 assistants
  • Enterprise: To extend your limits, contact custom support.


Copysmith promises to write product descriptions for you. They will write SEO-friendly descriptions to boost your rank in search results. Copysmith will even write according to meet the needs of online platforms such as Amazon and Etsy.

It’s not just product descriptions, which Copysmith composes, meta tags, email subject lines, advertising copy, captions, and descriptions for social media. Copysmith can also rewrite your content and even create blog templates.


  • Beginning: $19 per month, 5 users with 10+ integrations as high as 20,000 words, and 20 plagiarism tests
  • Professional: $59 monthly, with ten people and at least 80,000 words, and 100 plagiarism tests
  • Startup: starts at $299 per month 20 users large export and import as well as customized development Unlimited words, plagiarism checks account manager


AdCreative removes the burden of creating ad creatives. The majority of marketers with experience know that to maximize the benefits of PPC, it’s essential to test various variations to determine the one that is most popular with the target audience.

AdCreative allows this to be done immediately. It can create innovative headlines, texts, and social posts, which will enable users to test the A/B method with greater volume.

Every version has the “AI Recommendation” score. The team says that 95% of users experience an increase in CTR within the first month of utilizing the tool.


Trial for free: 7 days

Adcreative offers four pricing plans: Starter, Premium, Ultimate, and Scale-Up. There are three tiers to select from Startup, Professional, and Agency Plans. All pricing plans are offered in three tiers at various prices.

Startup Plans

Stater: $29 per month, 10 credits, 1 brand, and 1 user.

Premium: $59 per month, 25 credits, 2 brands, and 2 users.

Ultimate: $89 per month, 50 credits, 2 brands, and 2 users.

Scale-Up: $149 per month, 100 credits, 2 brands, and 4 users.

Professional Plans

Stater: $189 per month, 100 credits, 5 brands, and 5 users.

Premium: $249 per month, 200 credits, 10 brands, and 10 users.

Ultimate: $399 per month, 500 credits, 20 brands, and 15 users.

custom: $custom per month, custom credits, custom brands, and custom users.

Agency Plans

Stater: $499 per month, 500 credits, 50 brands, and 20 users.

Premium: $699 per month, 1000 credits, 100 brands, and 30 users.

Ultimate: $899 per month, 2000 credits, 200 brands, and 40 users.

custom: $custom per month, custom credits, custom brands, and custom users.

Every plan includes:

  • Unlimited generations.
  • The ability to integrate Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and Pinterest.
  • Unlimited free stock images.
  • The AI text generator.

The cost of your plan will depend on the number of brands or users you require.

Patterned AI


Are you struggling to find the right design to match your item? Start with Patterned. With its AI patterns maker, you’ll be capable of creating an endless number of patterns, totally specific and tailored to the product you’re selling. All patterns are royalty-free, as well.

It’s as easy as entering a few keywords, to you’ll see the AI pattern generator goes to begin its work. It is possible to specify certain themes — like “flower” as well as “leaves”–and the style that you like, for example, “abstract.”

You can also make it a work of art you enjoy and request features such as bold or fine lines, soft colors, or high contrast.

If it shows a pattern that you like, incorporate it into the product to create an online rendering. For example, this:

Patterned Ai design


  • Starter: $10 pre-month, 300 credits per month, Royalty free, Text To Image, and Generated patterns are displayed in the public gallery.
  • Standard: $30 pre-month, 2000 credits per month, Royalty free, Text To Image, and Generated patterns are displayed in the public gallery, Image To Image, Download High Resolution, Download SVG.
  • Pro: $60 pre-month, 4000 credits per month, Royalty free, Text To Image, and Generated patterns are displayed in the public gallery, Image To Image, Download High Resolution, Download SVG, Pattems generated are not private.
  • Enterprise: Tailored to your needs, Customise AI model to your own style, Customised resolution, and format, Dedicated GPU
Copysmith Ai


Copymonkey specializes in Amazon listing, creating optimized copy to ensure you are ranked high. In addition to text generation, it’s also in a position to evaluate the strategies of your competitors and track the most effective keywords to ensure you’re certain that the results are always relevant and powerful.

Copymonkey also produces product descriptions that you can use for your online store. Simply describe the attributes of your product, and it’ll write the description within seconds.

Are you a fan of the general style but don’t like the content? Utilize Copymonkey’s “rephrase it” option, and Copymonkey will rewrite it. To reduce time, it is possible to import the entire catalog of your products to ensure that all descriptions are created in one go.


  • Starter: $24 per month, 6 Amazon listings per month, Listing generator listings audit, keywords uploader unlimited editing
  • Pro: $49 each month. 50 Amazon listings per month, all features available as Starter but shortly, it will include A/B testing for listings
  • Enterprise: Custom prices, private manager bulk export, and import

Shulex Voc

As an e-commerce brand knowing what consumers need is vital. It requires a significant amount of time to conduct the analysis of your customers’ sentiments, look at your competition and areas where they’re not satisfying clients, or study specific products. This is the point where Shulex Voc is into.

Learn what drives buyers, how to distinguish from the competition, which messaging to employ to stand out, and what new features can be able to solve common problems, and then analyze reviews on Amazon or Google.


You can get started using Shulex Voc free of charge. However, no additional pricing information is available publicly.

Unbound Ai


We’ve explored a range of different platforms. You might think it would be wonderful for us to have one integrated AI tool that could be used to help you sell online. The developers of Unbound were thinking the same thing.

It’s not equipped with the same features as the other tools that we’ve reviewed. However, it is able to create product descriptions and blogs and create endless photos of products on different backgrounds, design logos and icons, as well as transform real images into digital avatars. If these are the most important requirements you require, then this tool will save you money for three different three separate tools.


  • Free: 25 tokens every month, Chat assistants, Photo Editor, Bookmarks, Doc Editor
  • Pro: Everything in Free plan, 250 tokens every month, Premium assistants, Full prompt library, Save prompts
  • Plus: $35 per month, Everything in Pro plan, 1000 tokens every month, Upload files & documents, Team accounts, Priority Support


AI is a technology that has existed for some time, but now there are greater options now than there ever were. While none of these solutions will eliminate the necessity to be a part of your business but they could help you save time and even cash.

It’s crucial to ensure the quality of output generated by the AI tool for e-commerce. For instance, is the copy accurate, and is it logical? Are the images accurate, or have certain parts of the item been cut in order to remove the background?

The best approach to the process of selecting the right AI tool to expand your online business is to determine the requirements you have. This is not just for today, but also consider whether the system will be able to continue supporting your business as you expand. This will allow you to reduce your search to a minimum and aid you in finding appropriate solutions.

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